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Safe Internet Surfing For Kids and Parents  

Protect Your Family On The Internet

Information provided by the Colorado Department of Law Office of the Attorney General - John W. Struthers, Colorado Attorney General.

Safe Surfing Tips For Kids

  • Choose a screen name and email address that reveals nothing personal and is not suggestive
  • Do not share your personal information or that of your parents with someone you meet online. Keep your password private, except from your parent.
  • Be honest with your parents about people you meet online. Do not sign up for e-mail accounts without your parents' approval or answer any emails or instatn messages or chat rooms with bad or hateful language, log off and tell your parents. Never call or arrange a meeting with someone you have met online.
  • Show your parents the sites you visit. Teach you parents more abut the internet so you can have fun and learn together.
  • Understand that your parents will supervise your time online and use software to monitor or limit where you go online. They are doing this because they want to protect you!
  • Make your personal safety a priority. There may be people you meet online pretending to be someone they are not. Do not do anything someone you meet online asks you to do, especially when you know it is something your parents would not approve.

Safe Surfing Tips For Parents

  • Talk with your children about the potential hazards of the internet, including sexual predators, inappropriate content and invasion of privacy
  • Resouces like software and classes can help you become computer literate. By learning just a few simple techniquest, you can see where your child has been online recently
  • IM (Instant Messaging) has given birth to a slew of acronyms to describe phrases. For example: POS = Parents Over Shoulder
  • Most software and internet service providers offer safety setting that block inappropriate sites.
  • Given the anonymity of the internet, e-mail is an easy way for predators to track down victims. Randomly check your childs e-mail and keep track of who is contacting them.
  • Know what information your kids are sharing online and with whom, either through instant messagig, social networks, chat rooms, or network game. Let your kies be the teacher, ask them to show you what sites they visit and who they meet.
 Attorney General's Safe Surfing Initiative Brochure

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