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Robbery Quick Tips  

This Quick Tip information (and the detailed information) has been prepared to help you reduce the potential that your business and employees will be the victims of an armed robbery. Your actions may help prevent such a crime. For this reason, it is important you know the steps you can take to prevent a robbery and what to do if you are robbed.

During a Robbery:

  • Personal safety is first
  • Comply with demands
  • Don't fight or resist
  • Trip alarm if it can be safely done
  • Hurry slowly
  • Use bait money
  • Observe, observe, observe
  • Point robber out to others when leaving
  • Watch robber's method and direction of travel

After a Robbery:

  • One person is in charge
  • Call 911 - give information
  • Protect evidence
  • Lock doors
  • Advise employees and customers
  • Don't discuss the incident
  • Fill out description sheets
  • Send someone outside after telling 911
  • Notify management or owner

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