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Nigerian scams or any scams for that matter are on the rise and have cropped up in our society in many different ways. Scams can be done over the telephone, by mail and yes the internet. What they involve is either calling or sending out a form letter or an E-mail. This information usually contains wording, saying how they need your help. They often will say they are a high official in the Nigerian Government or a business and will also give validity to their story.

What they say is that they need to move money out of their bank or they have won a large sum of money and need to make a deposit usually in a U.S. Bank. They promise to give you a percentage of the millions of dollars they plan to withdraw out of their country. What they will end up doing is, asking you to wire them a deposit, or even ask for your bank account number and state they want to deposit funds into your bank. Then they tell you, that you can keep a percentage of what is deposited and give them back the difference. They may also come back several times asking for money. They will make up excuses why they need more money and will stall you until they have drained your account. Do not fall for this. They will take your money out of your account and you will never see it again.

Remember, If It's Too Good To Be True It Usually Is!  

Be Aware:

Remember to always protect yourself and your money. If you receive a call from a person(s) claiming a business venture where you will "reap" large sums of cash or monies please remember the following:

  • Ask questions; who do they represent, who are they, who is their supervisor, what is there address, what is there phone number how can they be reached during business hours and non-business hours.
  • When you receive a telephone call, letter or E-mail from one of these subjects read it carefully and listen carefully to the conservation. They are trained to say and write things that are misleading.
  • If you receive a call and you feel pressured tell them you are not interested and you do not wish to talk to them. Never give in, once you do they got you, and they do prey on your emotions and feelings.
  • Educate yourself by reading about these types of scams and how they operate so you are more aware of what can and will happen if you fall victim. If you are educated you will pick up on the scam artist immediately.
  • Finally if you receive one of these calls, letters or E-Mails or if you fall victim to one of these scams, please contact your local authorities and report what occurred.


  • NEVER give out any personal information (i.e. driver's license number, bank account number, social security number or personal history information) to anyone over the phone, by mail or E-mail unless you know who they are.
  • NEVER give your credit card numbers over the phone to anyone promising any type of monetary gain.
  • NEVER respond to a letters, phone calls or E-Mails from someone who offers you a guarantee of large sums of money or a monetary gain if you cooperate with them.

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