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Welcome to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office web site! This site is intended to answer your questions and address any specific needs you may have. Without the support of community members such as you, the Sheriff's Office could not achieve its stated mission - to "enhance the quality of life in Mesa County by anticipating, identifying, and resolving public safety issues." As the mission of the Sheriff's Office evolves to meet the changing needs of our citizens, we look eagerly toward the future while remembering to preserve our historic and memorable past.

As a citizen of Mesa County, you deserve the best and should expect nothing less than the highest level of "Integrity, Service, Community" from the men and women who serve you - which I believe we do very well. Every member of this organization strives to demonstrate "quiet confidence" - the ability to commit to a common goal without the need for personal recognition.

Call, write, email - or stop by and tell us how we're doing - and if necessary - what we can do better. We are willing to listen...and improve.

--Undersheriff Rusty Callow

   Call: (970) 244-3904


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