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Frequently Asked Questions 
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  •  Do I Have To Live In Mesa County To Work For The Sheriff's Office?

    Employees of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office are considered Public Safety employees and are required to live within the County of Mesa.

     How long does an application stay active if there are no positions available?

    You application will stay active for 1 calendar year

     How Long Does The Recruitment Process Take?

    There are many variables that play into the length of time that it takes to get an applicant hired and started with the Sheriff's Office. The entire process can take 8-12 weeks.

     Is There Anything That Would Keep Me From Applying With The Sheriff's Office?

    If you have ever been convicted of a felony or domestic violence then you would not be able to work at the Sheriff's Office.

    Applicants with twelve (12) points or more of traffic violations within the last three (3) years and/or one (1) DUI or drug related driving conviction in the past three (3) years, will be disqualified from further consideration.

     What Does The Hiring Process Consist Of?

    • An applicant must first turn in a Mesa County Sheriff's Office Application for review. NOT ALL APPLICANTS ARE INVITED TO TEST WITH THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE.
    • Applicants can expect further intensive testing including, but not limited to, a polygraph, physical, psychological and background investigation.
    • The applicant must be able to successfully complete and pass all parts.

     What if I pass all testing but no positions are available?

    Your name will be placed into a hiring pool of employment eligible candidates to be considered for future employment should a position become available.

     What is the Cooper Physical Fitness Test?

    A: The Cooper Physical Fitness Test is a physical agility test used by the Sheriff's Office for all sworn positions (Detentions & Law Operations/Patrol) The Cooper Test consists of a 1 1/2 mile run (complete in 18:17 or less), 300 meter sprint (76 seconds or less), 22 or more sit ups in 1 minute and 18 or more push ups 1 minute. 


     Where Can I Find The Most Recent Job Postings?

    You can also visit the Mesa County website at for daily, updated listings of job openings with the Sheriff's Office. You can obtain a Mesa County Sheriff's Office Application from this website.

     Where Do I Turn In My Application?

    All application are submitted electronically through NeoGov. Click here to redirect to the current county job openings and application page.

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