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Jail Overcrowding Reduction Strategies  

Beginning January 2003 we began an innovative approach in trying to reduce jail population. The goal was not just to reduce the population, instead to ensure that the right types of people were incarcerated. We began focusing on the Pre-trial and sentenced inmate population.


  • February 2003: Encouraged Law Enforcement agencies to utilize summons and felony direct file when possible
  • July 2003: requested an additional housing unit during budget process for 2008 occupancy
  • November 2003: Installation of ATM machine in the booking area
  • January 2004: Began working closely with CJSD in motioning to modify inmate's sentences to, Electronic Monitoring,
  • Day Reporting and Work Release to reduce the population of jail sentence inmates
  • January 2004: Began housing DOC sentenced inmates in Moffat County
  • January 2004: Began working more closely with Parole to move inmates quicker
  • May 2004: Began weekend arraignments
  • June 2004: Began Quick/ Book and Release procedure at front counter
  • CJSD began revising criteria for Pre-trial releases to include Class 4 and 5 felonies
  • July 2004: requested an additional housing unit during budget process for 2008 occupancy
  • September 2004: Draft of proposed arrest standards completed for review
  • October 2004: Began developing a "cap" for maximum inmate population

What Impacts Inmate Population:

  • Judicial Department
  • District Attorney Office
  • Pre-Trial Releases
  • Average Length of Stay
  • Parole
  • Department of Corrections
  • Work Release Violations
  • Non Use of Summons
  • Non Use of Felony direct file
  • Municipalities  
 Booking Area

Inmate Population affects Workload Increases by:

  • Increased Bookings
  • Increased Releases
  • Increased Visitation
  • Increased Inmate Rule Violations
  • Increased Meals Produced
  • Increased Medical Needs
  • Increased Transports
  • Increased Court Appearances  
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