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Visitation Rules  

All visitation times are determined according to the inmate's current housing area. Schedules by pod are posted in the lobby at the kiosk and is also included in the instructions. If the inmate is moved to a new housing area within the jail, his or her visitation times may change. If the inmate is moved between the time when a visit is scheduled and the time of the visitation, we will try to facilitate the visit, however there is no guarantee that the scheduled visitation will be able to take place. Please be sure to keep your email address updated on the visitation system so you can be notified in case of a cancellation. 

Inmates receive only one 20 minute video visit per visitation day. 

Reasons why a visit might be denied, cancelled or stopped include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: 

  • Security reasons or facility needs or limitations
  • A disruptive inmate or visitor(s)
  • A visitor who appears to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Conflicts with court appearances, or other appointments or professional visits
  • The inmate is in Booking or on sanctions
  • The visitor(s) fail to provide valid, government-issued photo identification
  • Display of pornographic and/or other inappropriate materials to the inmate
  • Any other safety or security reasons as determined by the Sheriff’s Office
  • The visitor has an active warrant for his/her arrest and/or has a protection order in place with the inmate

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