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  •  Counseling Programs

    • Therapeutic: One-on-one counseling for inmates is available upon request from our Mental health counselor. Counseling classes are also held for groups of inmates and include counseling in:
      • House of Healing
      • Substance abuse
    • Spiritual: Spiritual counseling is available from one of our religious volunteers.

     Education Programs

    Life Skills and parenting classes


    • Recreational Books: Paperback books are provided in each of the housing units for inmates to read. We are fortunate to have many folks in our community who donate books for our inmates to read. We also provide a good assortment of self-help books that inmates can request to check out from Program staff. We do provide books in English and Spanish.
    • Law Library: We do provide a law library as required by Colorado Law that includes a computer with law information that inmates can use to research information (in each pod). Inmates must sign up to use the law library and is available on a first-come first-serve basis.


    • Active Recreation: Each housing unit has a recreational yard that inmates have access to in order to get fresh air, walk, handball or hacky sack.
    • Passive Recreation: Each housing unit has 1 television with basic channels to watch that is shared by all inmates in that area. They are provided with some board games and playing cards that can be used during their scheduled dayroom.

     Religious Programs

    • Bible Studies, Sunday Services: We currently have 34 religious volunteers that come in to provide Spiritual counseling throughout the week. These volunteers come from various Churches and denominations throughout our valley. Weekly group Bible studies are held, one-on-one counseling is offered and weekly Church services are provided in Spanish and English. We do have a group of volunteers that provide free Bible Correspondence Courses to interested inmates. We average approximately 250 inmates attending Church services each month. Our group Bible Studies see approximately 225 inmates each month and our one-on-one visits average 327 inmates each month.
    • Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Program: One of our dedicated volunteers provides the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Program that allows children age 16 and under to receive Christmas gifts on behalf of the inmate through Angel Tree. This is a very successful program that has many participants.
    • The Mesa County Jail Ministry is a non-profit organization based in Mesa County, that provides a multitude of religious connections and support to inmates in the Mesa County Detention Facility.

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