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Jail Operations Field Training Officer Program  
  • Orientation - This is a 5 day process that includes equipment issue, skills training, and introduction to the Detention Facility.
  • Integration - The first 2 shifts focus in-depth on the operations of the detention facility and its inner workings. Strict schedules are adhered to and must be following consistently by all personnel. This is an integral portion that serves as a foundation for later training.
  • Phase A - This portion of training is the longest phase of training lasting 16 shifts and focuses strictly on inmate Housing which is determined by an inmate's classification. This is a complex system that changes regularly and is determined on a case by case basis.
  • Phase B - This component of training designates 4 shifts to the proper procedures for transporting inmates and inmate security.
  • Mid Evaluation - This 5-shift portion of training gives the deputy an opportunity to evaluate what has been learned in Phases A & B.
  • Phase C - 5 shifts are reserved for Inmate processing in the booking area of the detention facility. Deputies learn the inner workings of booking including security measures, fingerprinting, and processing inmates into their permanent housing pods.
  • Phase D - The next 5 shifts focus on facility operations as they relate to master control. Deputies are required to learn how to maintain security of the facility through management of master control, the primary location that controls all locks, doorways, and access to the detention facility.
  • Final Evaluation - This is the final evaluation process that lasts 5 shifts and gives the deputy an opportunity to evaluate all phases and pinpoint any needs to build skills before meeting with the board of evaluators and presenting their facility portfolio exercise.

15 Core Competencies

  • Transport / Inmate Escort Operations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Use of Force
  • Local Procedures / Policies / Laws & Philosophies
  • Report Writing / Documentation
  • Leadership
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Facility Specific Problems
  • Cultural Diversity & Special Needs Groups
  • Legal Authority
  • Inmate Rights
  • Officer Safety
  • Communication Skills
  • Ethics
  • Lifestyle Stressors / Self-Awareness / Self-Regulation

Training Overview

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