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Booking Technicians have been an integral component of the Mesa County Detention Facility since construction on the new facility was completed in 1993. In 2006, the title of Booking Technician was officially retired and the Law Enforcement Specialist was created. Although the responsibilities have not changed, the Law Enforcement Specialist possesses a more accurate description of the duties and responsibilities of this unit. The Booking section currently employs 7 Law Enforcement Specialists and 1 Section Supervisor who maintain the booking area around the clock and booked over 5300 inmates into jail in 2011.

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Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Receives and reviews all associated paperwork associated with incarcerations to ensure accurate completion and appropriate computer entry.
  • Receives, stores, and documents all inmate property and funds.
  • Completes inmate release process to include: updating computerized records, assuring payment of bond, returning personal property and funds.
  • Schedules inmate courts appearances or transport to another jurisdiction.
  • Coordinates directly with various court clerks with information on sentenced and/or bonded inmates.
  • Provides daily accounting for inmates' funds.
  • Provides training to new employees on booking and releasing procedures and external law enforcement personnel on arrest, offense, and affidavit information.
  • Determines time and release dates for sentenced inmates and enters in scheduled events.
  • Responds to inmate and public requests in regard to bond amount, release dates, and court appearances.

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