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  •  Kitchen Staff

    Kitchen Staff are contracted through Aramark Correctional Services and provide all dietary needs of inmates housed in the Detention Facility and Criminal Justice Services Department. All meal plans are followed under the direction of a certified dietician to meet the needs of the inmates including those who require a special diet due to a medical condition or religious beliefs. Aramark Correctional Services currently provides full time kitchen staff who supervises inmate crews that prepare all meals according to the meal plan of the day. Calories per meal, per day are 2800 for Detention inmates, and 3200 for Criminal Justice Services Department clients. The cost for each meal served to Detention inmates cost $1.14, and the cost for each meal served to Criminal Justice Services Department clients is $1.22.

    Inmate kitchen workers earn "good time" or time omitted from a sentence for work completed during their sentence. Inmates also learn valuable job skills through on-the-job training that can be utilized upon release from the facility.

     Medical Staff

    The healthcare staff at the Mesa County Detention Facility provides emergency, preventive, and chronic care for all inmates regardless of legal custody status. This service is provided through a contract with Correct Care Solutions. Care will be provided regardless of the ability to pay a co-pay fee allowed by Colorado Revised Statute.

    Nursing staff are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including: registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physician, dentist, licensed professional counselor, mental health clinicians, medical assistant and an administrative assistant.

    Mental health staff are on duty 7 days a week to provide services to the chronic mentally ill offenders, crisis intervention, and group therapy.

    Preventive and chronic care services, including dental care, diabetes care, and others are provided in-house by experienced medical staff. Radiology and laboratory services are also available. Specialty services are provided off-site by community medical specialists when necessary. Specialty care is coordinated between the on-site medical director and the off-site specialists.

    During the booking process inmates are screened by a nurse to determine what medical and mental health problems need to be addressed immediately. On admission the nurse sees the inmate and does a medical health assessment to evaluate the inmate's general health, as well as any history of medical problems. The inmate is also evaluated to assess the impact of incarceration on the inmate's mental health.

    Non-emergency requests for health care are submitted by the inmate in writing. Sick call clinic is available 7 days a week for all inmates.

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