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Programs Staff 
  • The concept of the programs staff is to provide a resource for inmates in the form of extra curricular activities, self help programs, education, and a medium in which to communicate inmate related issues within the facility. Program staff consist of 1 Liuetenant, 1 Sergeant, 4 deputies, 2 visitation technicians, 1 quartermaster and 1 civilian Chaplain who are responsible for appropriately classifying inmates for proper housing within the facility, maintaining inmate programs and classes, and coordinating inmate disciplinary hearings. Other responsibilities include:

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  •  Classification of Inmates

    • Classify all inmates
    • Conduct interviews and perform background checks on all inmates 
    • 30 and 60 day sanctions reviews and inmate phone privleges review

     Inmate Property

    • Manage court clothing and DOC property
    • Research lost property claims and maintain found property
    • Coordinate trips to donate unclaimed property
    • Release all property to inmates leaving the facility

     Other Responsibilities

    • Maintain stats for classifications, video arraignments, inmate phone system use, weekly program attendance
    • Escorting inmates to classes and providing supplies for instructors
    • Contact religious volunteers with inmate requests
    • Process volunteer applications, run criminal histories, interview, and manage volunteers
    • Conduct disciplinary hearings

     Update and Maintain

    • Law library and inmate library books, inmate handbooks, phone books, and program books
    • Inmate phone system
    • Visitation, dayroom, program, laundry change out, and laundry work schedules
    • Lists of inmate "keep-aparts", "Ad-Seg", "2-man escorts", inmate classifications, sanctions, and volunteer database
    • Donated clothing to give to inmates


    • Manage all personal inmate visitation 
    • Coordinate all special visitations including media visitations (with the PIO) and jail tours
    • Set up conference calls to courts

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