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The Special Operations Response Team or SORT Team was developed in the early 90's to address the need to respond to high risk situations in the detention facility such as cell extractions, inmate movement or transport, and hostage and/or riot situations. SORT team members train in conjunction with SWAT team members to assist with SWAT missions as needed. Testing for this specialized team includes a personnel file review, oral board, and physical ability testing to determine proper candidates for this highly sought after specialization. A SORT member is expected to be a leader amongst their fellow jail staff and a resource for those staff members in regards to officer safety and tactics in the jail. 

Swat Training Photograph

All members are required to maintain a high level of training and expertise, and attend specific training programs. Training is conducted throughout the year to include mock riots, facility evacuations, emergency procedures, dealing with high risk inmates, cell placements and extractions. Training also includes the use of non-lethal defensive tactics, munitions, and weaponry to eliminate the introduction of firearms into the facility which can create an increasingly dangerous environment for inmates and personnel.

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