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School Resource Officer Program 
  • School Resource Officers provide a law enforcement presence and support prevention efforts in their assigned schools and in the neighborhoods and business districts surrounding these schools. An SRO must engage three distinct roles in their designated school: Law Enforcement Officer, Law Enforcement Counselor, and Law Related Educators. These roles are vital to building relationships with students, school faculty and administrators, and parents. 

    SROs also act as ambassadors to provide a liaison component for students and faculty, law enforcement and the community, and external entities. The role of an SRO is complex and ever changing. Community policing is an integral component to fulfill this demanding role. Through community policing efforts, an assessment of the needs of the is determined and translated into police services and programs that can be efficiently and effectively delivered to the school.

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  •  Candidates for the SRO program are hand selected by a panel of their peers and must meet minimum standard requirements which include

    1. A Selection Review Panel process whereby their personnel file, training file, working file and firearms and physical agility qualification scores will be reviewed based upon objective job-related criteria.
    2. Applicants for specialized assignments and collateral duties must be in good standing with MCSO at the time of application.
    3. Two years of experience as a peace officer. One year of that experience must be with the MCSO.

     The following community policing strategies are utilized

    • At-risk intervention, mentoring activities, problem solving projects, participation in school programs and events, and conflict/dispute resolution.
    • Enforcement and prevention in schools and neighborhoods surrounding the schools.
    • Identifying and tracking serious habitual juvenile offenders at the earliest point in time for the purpose of placement of these juveniles into appropriate service networks.
    • Collecting information on juveniles involved in gang activity, drug activity and crimes of violence.
    • Working in concert with the District Attorney's Office diversionary program as well as establishing in-school diversionary/restorative justice programs.
    • Serving as a liaison between school administrators/teachers and the agency.
    • Working with the school district and community to maintain a healthy and safe environment for students.
    • Providing a law enforcement presence in the schools with appropriate modeling and mentoring of youth.
    • Serving on local juvenile justice and school-related community boards (i.e., the Western Region Alternative Placement (WRAP) Committee and the Minority Over-representation Committee).
    • Continued implementation and expansion of the Law Related Education (LRE) program.

  • There are currently 4 School Resource Officers serving Mesa County Valley School District 51 in Mesa County. The School Resource Officer position is rotational with a minimum assignment of two years and maximum assignment of five years and report to the Law Operations School Resource Sergeant.

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