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  • The Mesa County Local Emergency Planning Committee was formed to address issues and concerns related to hazardous materials safety in Mesa County.

    With representatives from industry, transportation, health care, emergency response agencies, government and concerned citizens, this committee is dedicated to developing a cooperative partnership to minimize chemical hazards, prepare for hazardous materials emergencies, and promote chemical safety awareness throughout Mesa County.

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  •  Can I obtain information on chemicals used and stored in Mesa County?

    Yes. Facilities which store, use or manufacture hazardous materials at or above specified quantities are required to annually report these materials. Information on materials stored at a specific facility in Mesa County may be obtained by filing a written request with the Hazardous Materials Coordinator of the Grand Junction Fire Department at 330 South 6th Street in Grand Junction.

     How do I properly dispose of household quantities of hazardous materials?

    The Mesa County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Facility is located at the Mesa County Landfill, 3071 Highway 50, Grand Junction. The Mesa County HHW Collection Program accepts the following materials, free of charge, from Mesa County residents:

    Used motor oil antifreeze automotive products paints solvents wood stains
    pesticides insecticides herbicides spa and pool chemicals household cleaners garden and hobby products
    household and auto batteries old gasoline aerosol cans gun powder syringes

    The Mesa County HHW collection facility will not accept ammunition, radioactive materials, or bio-hazards.

    The Mesa County HHW Collection Facility also provides a safe and affordable disposal and recycling option for small businesses which are Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators [CESQG] in Mesa County. This program is fee based and will require each CESQG to register with the Mesa County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. For more information please call (970) 257-9336 or (970) 256-9543 or visit Mesa County Solid Wast Management - Hazardous Waste Collction Facility  

     If I went to a meeting, what would I hear discussed?

    The committee regularly conducts reviews of facilities in Mesa County which store, manufacture and use hazardous materials. With the facility operator's participation, the Committee considers:

    • the impact of a hazardous material release
    • in place emergency procedures
    • the anticipated actions of emergency response agencies

    The committee also discusses transportation of hazardous materials in Mesa County amongst other outreach and education topics.

     If I witness the abandonment, illegal disposal/dumping, or release of a hazardous material in Mesa County, what should I do?

    Call 911.

     Is this an open meeting?

    Yes. You are welcome to attend but please call to confirm the meeting time.

     When and where does the Mesa County LEPC meet?

    The Mesa County LEPC typically meets on the second Thursday of each month from

    • 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
    • Red Cross Annex (5th and Gunnison Avenue)

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