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Talk to Your People 
  • Providing for your employees’ well-being is recognized as one of the best ways to assure your company’s recovery. That means communicating regularly with employees before, during and after an incident. Use newsletters, intranets, staff meetings and other internal communications tools to communicate emergency plans and procedures.

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  •  Practice the Plan with Co-workers

    Frequently practice what you intend to do during a disaster. Conduct regularly scheduled education and training seminars to provide co-workers with information, identify needs and develop preparedness skills. Include disaster training in new employee orientation programs. 

     Promote Family and Individual Preparedness

    If individuals and families are prepared, your company and your co-workers are better positioned in an emergency situation. Encourage you employees and their families to:

    • Get an emergency supply kit
    • Make a family emergency plan
    • Be informed about different threats and their appropriate responses

     Support Employee Health after a Disaster

    It is possible that you staff will need time to ensure the well-being of other family members, but getting back to work is important to the personal recovery of people who have experienced disasters. Workplace routines facilitate recovery by providing an opportunity to be active and to restore social contact. Re-establish routines, when possible. You may also want to consider offering professional counselors to help employees address their fears and anxieties.

     Write a Crisis Communication Plan

    Detail how your organization plans to communicate with employees, local authorities, customers and others during and after a disaster. Include relevant information for employees, top company executives, the general public and your customers as well as local authorities.

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