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  •  Men who rape other men are homosexual

    Fact: The vast majority of males who sexually assault other males (including children) are heterosexual. Men and women are assaulted for basically the same reasons: so the assailant can vent hostility and feel a sense of power. Fear of homosexuality ironically leads some men to attack gay men. The motivations for same-sex assault are power and anger. Sexual orientation is not a motivation for sexual assault.

     Most rapists are 'insane'

    Fact: Although rapists have been shown to have poor self-images and a tendency toward violence, they are average in other aspects of their lives.

     Raping a woman is a sign of how masculine a man is and of how sexually potent he is

    Fact: Studies have shown that many (58%) rapists suffer from sexual dysfunctions such as impotence and premature ejaculation.

     Rapists are sexually unfulfilled men

    Fact: 30% of rapists are married and having sex regularly.

     The greatest danger is from a stranger.

    Fact:  Most rapes, 50 to 80%, are committed by someone the victim knows.

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