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Frequently Asked Questions 

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  •  What happens when the offender gives false info, fails to give change of info of just completely fails to register?

    An effort is made to contact the subject and arrest them at that time. If the subject cannot be located a warrant is issued for their arrest.

     What if an offender moves or changes their name?

    Offenders are required to come in, in person, and notify us of a change of address or employment if: (CRS 16-22-108)

    • the person is employed at a post secondary education institute,
    • the person legally changes their name, or
    • the person establishes an additional residence.

    The offender has 5 days to come in and notify us of changes.

     What information is required during registration?

    Offenders are required to give the following information:

    • name,
    • date of birth,
    • address,
    • place of employment,
    • post secondary education (including being employed, a student, or a volunteer),
    • all names used by the offender, and
    • vehicles registered to the offender.
    • Mug photos and fingerprints are also required. (CRS. 16-22-109)

     Who are required to register?

    Sexual Offenders CONVICTED after 1991 of certain sex crimes are required to register on their birthday according to Colorado State Law (CRS. 16-22-101).

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