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Keeping our Children Safe

Long ago humans were dependent on their instincts for their survival. A mother and father's instinct to protect their children was a dominant factor in the survival of the human race. Food, shelter and safety issues were the priorities for early man. However, life was simpler back then, and a parent could easily identify life-threatening situations. In today's world, it's not as simple and we depend on others for our safety and the safety of our children. Although we still possess important survival instincts, we still need to remember that the world is also a habitat for predators. These modern day predators prey upon our children and unsuspecting adults. The worst of these predators are sexual predators who prey upon our children. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has listed some helpful practical tips for parents and their families in aiding to maintain the safety of your children.

Safety Tips:

  • Teach your children the concept of good touch/bad touch at an early age
  • Make sure that your children feel comfortable talking to you about anything and everything they experience
  • Do not entrust the care of your children to anyone who abuses drugs or alcohol
  • Tell your children that it is wrong for adults to encourage them to keep secrets from you
  • Quiz your children about their activities when they are away from you
  • Insist on meeting adults who befriend or employ your children
  • Be suspicious of adults who arrange situations that involve them being alone with your child
  • Newspaper ads and postings in public areas that advertise a child seeking work or companionship have a high potential to attract people who prey on children. People responding to these ads should be identified and completely checked out by a parent before they have any contact with your child. Don't hesitate to forbid people with whom you are not comfortable from contact with your children.
  • Advise children to NEVER enter a home of a stranger. If they are selling for a fundraiser or offering to mow a lawn, they should always remain on the porch or side-walk. Better yet, ensure they are escorted by an adult.
  • Know what your children are doing on the internet. The computer that your child uses should be in a common area of your house so you can monitor the child's internet usage. Remember that modern day predators do their hunting by computer - don't let your child become their prey!
  • While most adults involved with children are caring people who want to help, you should always make it a point to meet and get to know your children's coaches, adult church contacts, scout leaders, friends and neighbors.

Remember, your children cannot always tell an enemy from a friend and they trust in you to keep them safe until their judgment is mature.

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