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  • Colorado State Law mandates that all sheriffs' offices within the state must maintain a civil section. The civil section is responsible for the service of all civil papers received by the sheriff's Office.

    General Information Sheet complete and include with any documents submitting to our Civil Unit. Thank you!

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  •  Civil Section Facts

    • The civil section receives approximately 300 civil process papers/orders per month.
    • Presently, the civil section is staffed with 1 Sergeant, 2 Deputies and 2 Civilian Clerks.
    • The Deputy assigned to the civil section often encounters criminal activity while serving civil papers and executing court orders. When this occurs, the Deputy takes appropriate action in accordance with the law.

    Fees for Civil Services

    If you have questions concerning the Civil Section, please call (970)244-3521.

    The Civil Section's business hours are 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday through Friday, closed all observed holidays.

     Civil Standby

    A Civil Standby is available to the public for an intermittent protective situation. Utilizing the assistance of a third party to retrieve your possessions is recommended if at all possible. If you need a deputy to accompany you to an address within Mesa County and outside of Grand Junction, Fruita and Palisade city limits, you will need to request a civil standby. A civil standby can be requested at the front counter of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office during business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) or call non-emergency dispatch at (970) 242-6707, to make the request of the on-duty patrol supervisor. The best time to request a civil standby is usually between the hours of 8 A.M. and 12 P.M. The sergeant on duty will talk to you about your situation. If you meet the criteria for a civil standby, and there are available deputies, a deputy will be assigned to accompany you.


    The following criteria must be met before assistance of a civil standby will be approved:

    • The address for which you are requesting a civil standby, must lie within the unincorporated areas of Mesa County. If you live within the city limits of Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, or any other city jurisdiction, you must contact the law enforcement agency of that jurisdiction for this service.
    • Civil Standby requests may be approved even though a protection order is active on either party. A deputy will accompany you to retrieve your personal affects. Should either party have an active protection order, that situation will necessitate a deputy to be present.
    • The completion of a civil standby is limited to 10 minutes. The Sheriff's Department allows minimal time to retrieve only necessary personal items. We will not stand by while you retrieve all of your possessions.

     Contact Us

    The direct number to the Civil Department is 244-3521. Office hours are 9 A.M. to 4 P.M., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The voice mail system will activate during non-business hours or when the line is busy. If you reach our voice-mail, please leave your name, phone number and a brief message regarding your request. A clerk will return your call as soon as possible.

    The civil section also executes all court orders involving civil process issued by the courts. A fee for services is required along with a fee for mileage which varies. 


    If you are inquiring for information on tenant-landlord disputes, we have a hand-out that you may pickup during business hours. Evictions are the end result of a landlord-Tenant dispute. The State Statutes are very specific on the steps that need to be taken in order to evict a tenant. Restitution/Evictions are the second highest priority of the Civil Section. These court orders are time sensitive and have to be schedule in advance of their execution.

    The eviction process involves 3 basic steps.

    1. Notice to vacate or demand for compliance or possession
    2. Summons and unlawful detainer 
    3. Writ of restitution, service and execution

    Detailed information about Evictions and Writs of Restitution Pdf Icon

     Protective Orders

    Protective Orders take priority over all other types of service. This is due to the potential for injury related to these situations. For information on how to obtain a protective order call the court clerk in the county where you reside. For Mesa County, contact the County Clerks Office at 125 South Spruce Street. They are located on the first floor of the Justice Center. The phone number is 257-3640.

    We serve the majority of the restraining orders for the public. The fee for this service is $35.00 plus mileage, unless the clerk waives the service fee.

    If you need to report a violation that has already occurred, call the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the violation occurred.

     Writ of Execution/Sheriff's Sale

    In addition to the service of civil process papers, the civil section is also, occasionally, required to seize property (both real and personal). This property is either returned to the owner or put up for sheriff's sale in order to satisfy a judgment of the court. A sheriff's sale is a public auction conducted by a sheriff upon order of a court after a failure to pay a judgment. Notice of the sale must be provided to the public. Often, property that is involved in a mortgage foreclosure is subject to being sold at a sheriff's sale. The money that is raised at the sheriff's sale is applied to the unpaid judgment.

    All sales are "as is", and no warranties are expressed or implied. The sheriff’s office does not guarantee a clear title to any property. Generally, the debtor has the right of redemption of the property until confirmation of sale is signed by the judge and filed by the court.

    Forclosure Instructions Here

    General Information on Sheriff's Auction

    Registration Form for Sheriff's Auction

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