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The associated map pertains only to the Mesa County No Shoot Zone (BOCC Resolution 87-18). It restricts any discharge of a firearm on public lands, to including hunting. The original BOCC Resolution was written to specifically address hunting in populated areas.

There are other shooting restrictions in the County both inside and outside the No Shoot Zone.

For example:

- Bureau of Land Management has additional restrictions in the area north and east of the airport beyond the County Zone, and in the Bangs Canyon area prohibiting target shooting only (not hunting).

- Colorado Parks and Wildlife has a section just west of the Redlands Parkway that restricts bird hunting to certain days of the week, even on private property.

- The cities of Fruita and Grand Junction have ordinances against discharging firearms anywhere in city limits.

- There is a section of the Colorado River between 32 Road and 29 Road that is open per the County Resolution, but is managed by Colorado State Parks-- this includes the Connected Lakes area. Be familiar with their regulations.

It is recommend to citizens with questions pertaining to those areas in question, about the No Shoot Zone, to contact those agencies individually and directly. Ignorance of the law(s) is not a defense.

The BOCC Resolution does not give a lot of details, but it was created in conjunction with C.R.S. 30-15-302. We recommend reading that statute since the Resolution primarily sets out the boundaries. It is important to remember that the No Shooting designation only applies to public land within the No Shoot Zone.  It is still legal to discharge firearms on private property, even inside the No Shoot Zone, as long as the rounds do not leave the property.

CLICK HERE to view the current NO SHOOT ZONE, Mesa County map.

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