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Work-Ender Program  


Work-Ender Program

By authorization of the 21st Judicial District, the Work-Ender program has been established. If accepted into the program, inmates will be allowed to complete their sentence by reporting to the Alternative Sentencing Unit. Inmates can participate in the program 7 days a week, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Inmates will be assigned to a work crew that goes into the community to complete projects for non-profit, tax supported, and charitable organizations.

Candidates will be required to meet with an ASU Intake Officer prior to their scheduled report date to determine if they meet all program criteria and requirements. If accepted into the program, candidates will be scheduled to report for their first day. If not accepted, the sentence will be completed in the Work Release program or the Mesa County Detention Facility.

Inmates wear their own clothing, appropriate for working outdoors and getting dirty, along with providing their own gloves, hat, boots, etc. However, a sack lunch is provided by the Detention staff. Inmates must appear for the program drug and alcohol free. A portable breathalyzer test will be administered at the scheduled report date and time. If during the program any rules or regulations are violated, the inmate will be removed from the program and will complete the sentence in the Mesa County Detention Facility.

The Work-Ender program will maintain four Alternative Sentencing Officers and one manager. Staff will interview and book inmates accepted into the program. 

 /uploadedImages/Sheriff/Images/Photographs/10-18-2011 007.jpg Work-Ender inmates building the playground in Palisade.

Some of the agencies and businesses that have utilized this inmate workforce include:

  • Bureau of Land Management
  • American Red Cross
  • Western Colorado Botanical Gardens
  • Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Mesa County Facilities & Parks Department
  • Various Irrigation Laterals
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • TAG Program--Taking Away Graffiti
  • Grand Valley Transit
  • Mesa County Commodity Supplemental Food Program
  • Colorado Mesa University
  • Mosaic
  • Center for Independence
  • Grow Another Row
  • Palisade Public Works
  • City of Grand Junction Waste & Recycling
  • Colorado State Parks
  • CSU Cooperative Extension
  • Fruita Public Works
  • Mesa County Fairgrounds
  • Redlands Community Center
  • Tamerisk Coalition
  • Food Bank of the Rockies
  • Grand View Apartments (Volunteers of America)
  • Canyonview Vineyard Church

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