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Law Records Management  

Law Records Management


The Records Unit is the support staff for the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. They strive to fulfill the mission of the Sheriff's Office on a daily basis by partnering with citizens to enhance the quality of life in Mesa County by anticipating, identifying and resolving public safety concerns.

All support services and work processes of our Records Department impact the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff's Office including the Detention Facility. The front counter is often a citizen's first point of contact with the Sheriff's Office whether it is on the phone or in person. The degree of knowledge, courtesy and efficiency extended to each person or situation leaves a lasting impression and may affect the outcome of a difficult situation to the point of insuring a prompt response by a deputy or simply providing accurate information.


The Records Department satisfies Statutory Responsibilities, such as:

  • Release and storage of records
  • Processing and issuance of concealed handgun permits


Records Management Office 


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Telephone reception for all staff and departments of the Sheriff's Office to provide information and direct calls to correct party or department.
  • Availability to assist the public are from 9am to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday 
  • Front counter reception for the public to provide information and services
  • Transfer calls to 911 as necessary
  • Provide detention information for an approximate 250 inmate population (court dates, bond, charges, visitation)
  • Inmate cash account transactions
  • Vehicle Identification Number Inspections (VIN) --Some are done by Records or Civil staff, but most are referred to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Fingerprinting for the public, parolees, court, and investigators
  • Explosives Permit processing
  • Liquor License processing
  • Burn Permit processing
  • Jail Visitation processing and log maintenance
  • Maintain computer log of all professional visitors to jail to include attorneys, medical professionals, religious professionals, and maintenance workers
  • Bond revocation processing
  • Preparation of Prosecution reports sent to the District Attorney
  • Preparation of Juvenile Petition Requests formally asking for review and filing of charges for the District Attorney
  • Quick Book and Release Process to assist the jail in minimizing jail population and avoiding confinement of citizens.
  • Records dissemination for the public and other agencies according to state statutes 
  • Background Checks for employment, housing & military  
  • CBI computer network link for warrants, crime and message broadcasting statewide and nationwide (entering, canceling, retrieving information)
  • Security maintenance for Sheriff's Office by ensuring that all contraband is seized and secured before entering the detention facility or visiting inmates
  • Reporting of incident statistics using the National Incident Based Reporting System to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.
  • Receive and respond to some transport, warrant, extradition, fugitive related inquiries and requests.


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