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Victim Assistance Program
Victim Assistance Program 
  • In the early 1990's, the Sheriff's Office established The Victim Assistance Program.  For the first time the community had access to immediate, on-scene advocacy whenever Deputies were called to a scene.  It is known that victims of crime and other trauma are greatly impacted by the early intervention that a Law Enforcement Advocate can offer.   Members of our dedicated group of volunteers that are known as VAP's, are available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week to offer compassion, support, and referrals to valuable community resources.  While family and friends can be long-term support system for a victim, they often do not have immediate access to community resources.  The VAP can provide guidance regarding the criminal justice process, housing when necessary for the safety of a victim, explanations for confusing law enforcement procedures, applications for medical or counseling expenses, and much more.  Their compassion and services can get a person on the road from victim to survivor.

    We hope you are never the victim of a crime or other tragedy.  But if you are, ask the responding deputy for a VAP.  He or she will respond quickly to offer the much needed support in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

  •  Eligibility Requirements To Be A VAP
    • Have an insured vehicle available during your shifts
    • Have a current and valid driver’s license
    • Able to commit a few hours per month for at least a one year period
    • Have a desire to help victim’s in need
    • Successful completion of our training program (link)
     Victim Advocate Services Include
    • A compassionate presence that is there specifically for the victim
    • Referrals to community resources such as: Legal Services, Counseling, and Housing
    • Advocacy to employers and landlords
    • Help with immediate financial needs such as food, clothing and prescriptions

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