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Community Policing Unit (CPU)  

The Community Policing Unit is tasked with assisting Mesa County residents with establishing and maintaining a Neighborhood Watch Program, organizing graffiti removal, arranging community safety and fraud presentation, and much more. Click here to complete our request form. This helps us gather as much information as possible to assist you in the best manner.

Planning on a vacation soon? Would you like us to check on your home while you are gone? We'd love to have our volunteers make sure your home is locked up safe and secure while you are out of town. To schedule extra neighborhood patrols or a vacation check contact Lt. Laurie Galvan at (970) 244-3201 or the Citizens on Patrol unit directly, at (970) 244-3974.

This unit specializes in community outreach programs for the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, allowing patrol deputies to remain available for pro-active community policing events.

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