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The Mesa County Sheriff's Posse is a separate entity from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, although the Posse does various activities, to include Search & Rescue missions that directly benefit our agency. You can find more information about them from their website

The Mesa County Sheriff's Posse was formed on June 28th, 1954 when a group of interested individuals realized a need to provide the Mesa County Sheriff with volunteer assistance with search and rescue operations. Since it's inception, the Mesa County Sheriff's Posse has contributed tirelessly to the citizens of Mesa County through donations, scholarship funds, and volunteer work with numerous organizations. The Posse is most known for hosting the Colorado Professional Rodeo Association Finals Rodeo each September. This yearly event is the Posse's primary fund raiser in which they use the proceeds to support the agricultural community and other non-profit groups.

What the Posse Means to the Community :  

Throughout the year, the Posse coordinates and participates in various projects within Mesa County. As you would expect, the organization is geared and leans toward agriculture, livestock, and equestrian functions. The largest portion of time and money goes toward civil, public service and youth oriented activities.

  • Youth groups are assisted financially and through volunteer man hours. The posse grounds are utilized by various youth groups including the Little Britches and High School Rodeo Clubs for gymkhana and equestrian related events. Horse shows, dressage, and other various equestrian events are also held at the posse grounds.
  • The Posse donates money for two scholarships to deserving animal husbandry oriented students attending Mesa State College. Scholarship recipient are chosen by the college administration.
  • The Sharp Shooters Boxing Club - A program designed to help youngsters, some of whom have national rankings, receives Posse support which allows them to accomplish goals that would otherwise be unattainable.
  • The Posse actively supports the Museum of Western Colorado in their efforts to bring the Cowboy Poets together at Two Rivers Convention Center
    Each year, a pig is purchased from the Mesa County Fair and donated to the Gray Gourmet organization.
  • During the annual Salvation Army holiday food drive there is an estimated total of over 150 man hours donated and an average of 10,000 pounds of food collected for distribution throughout the year.
  • Sections of trails, bridges, campsites, etc. in the Kannah Creek Primitive Area were adopted to be policed and maintained under an agreement reached with the Bureau of Land Management in 1991 and has continued to be patrolled by Posse members ever since.
  • Keeping in mind that all work and no play make a dull individual, members have roping steers for their use in training horses, assisting new ropes hone their skills, and use in team penning. Members also participate in several outings including one day trail rides, over night camping trips with Posse members and family, an annual steak fry, and weekend camping trips.

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