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"When it comes to building safer neighborhoods, it's important the Mesa County Sheriff's Office collaborates with our community. I invite you to partner with us as we utilize technology to solve and prevent crime. I encourage you to take some time to explore this webpage and learn about the easy steps you can take today to not only protect your home but also help deputies solve crime.

Security cameras have increasingly become a valuable investigative tool. They may capture criminal activity or offer a vital clue to an ongoing investigation. If you have an exterior security camera system, I encourage you to join the free Neighbors app and the Mesa County Sheriff's Office Camera Registry program. Both are designed to make it easy to share potentially critical information captured on your home security camera with law enforcement while protecting your privacy. 

Thank you for taking the time to join us in creating a safer and more vibrant community."  - Sheriff Todd Rowell

Easy Ways to Reduce Crime


9 PM Routine

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office encourages community members to follow the 9 PM Routine to reduce the likelihood of falling victim to property crimes. Every night at 9:00 p.m., go through the checklist:

Did you remember to:

  • REMOVE: valuables from your car, including keys, wallet, and any guns
  • LOCK UP: your car, house, windows, garage, gates, shed
  • LEAVE ON: exterior lights, security cameras, alarm systems

Remember cars are not gun safes. Safely store your gun in a secure location at home. Thieves are known to target cars to steal guns. Don’t make it easy.

Join us each night to help create safer neighborhoods in Mesa County.


Home Safety

Here are some simple ways you can help prevent crime.

  • Use your deadbolt. Keep doors and windows locked even when you're at home.
  • Secure valuables outside or take them inside.
  • Don't hide keys under your doormat, or near your door.  That's where criminals look.
  • Leave outside lights on at night. Use a timer and motion lights.
  • Keep your garage door closed. Secure the door connected to your home.
  • Plant shrubs with thorns near windows and fences to deter burglars.
  • Keep bushes trimmed so intruders don't have a place to hide.
Download more Crime Prevention Tips here.

Join Neighbors 

When communities work together safer neighborhoods are the result. The Neighbors App is a free mobile app designed for community members to stay informed about public safety issues in their community and easily collaborate with law enforcement. Residents can choose to share security camera footage with law enforcement to help solve crime.

Anyone with a smartphone can download the Neighbors App to receive updates and have the option to post photos or videos from any device. You do not need a Ring device to join Neighbors. 

Download today and help us solve crime!

Turn your Camera into a Crime Fighting Tool

In an effort to collaborate with the community members to reduce crime, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office is asking businesses and residents with surveillance camera systems to register those systems with the Sheriff's Office.

Registering your system with us does NOT give us access to your system.

Registration simply lets deputies know of the existence of a camera or surveillance system at the registered address and who to contact should a crime occur in the area.

If a crime or incident occurs near your home or business, deputies will then be able to contact you directly to see if your camera captured something that could help with the investigation.