(970) 244-3500

Graffiti Removal Program ImageThe Mesa County Sheriff's Office has an Inmate Labor Program with the Sheriff's Office that provides our citizens with a labor force to help keep our community free of unwanted graffiti on public and private property. This program is intended to clean up old graffiti and encourage citizens to remove any recent graffiti as soon as possible, which discourages repeat vandalism.



To report graffiti in unincorporated Mesa County call: (970) 244-1807


Graffiti Removal Program Image 2We will take required information over the phone and will make arrangements to have a waiver form signed by the owner of the property or business. Staff will often make personal contact with the requester before the graffiti removal begins. This will allow time to verify the owner of the property. The signed waiver form gives authorization to go onto the property and remove or cover up graffiti with no liabilities held against the County.

Graffiti will be abated using a closely matching paint color. This program does not include restoration to the property.

Please Note: The removal program is ONLY for unincorporated Mesa County.

To report graffiti within the city limits of Grand Junction, Fruita or Palisade, call (970) 242-6707.