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The Mesa County Detention Facility provides many programs and services inmates may choose to participate in. Learn more.

Did you know the Mesa County Detention Facility began as a one room jail? Learn More.

Welcome to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Detentions Division.  The Mesa County Detention Facility accepts arrestees for all local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in Mesa County.  The Detentions Division Captain is responsible for the daily operations of the Mesa County Detention Facility.

Our Detention Facility is a 553 bed, state-of-the-art, direct supervision facility.  We provide food service, 24-hour medical care, and educational programming to inmates. First-time advisements are conducted from inside the facility using a video conferencing system. For other court proceedings, inmates are escorted between the facility and the Mesa County Justice Center via a secure tunnel.

The management and staff of the Mesa County Detention Facility are committed to maintaining a safe, secure, humane, and professional environment for those who are incarcerated here.


Capt Art Smith


Captain Art Smith

Detentions Division