(970) 244-3500

Schedule a video visit

Video visits may be scheduled online through ICSolutions or by calling (888) 646-9437.

Want to Email an Inmate?

Click here for information about how to set up an account to communicate with an inmate electronically.

Looking for an inmate?

Check the inmate locator for who is currently housed in the Mesa County Detention Facility and their current bond.

Detention Lobby Hours

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday excluding holidays. 

Detention Lobby Location

215 Rice Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
(970) 244-3500

Jail Information Line

(970) 244-3536 (recording) 

*** The Mesa County Detention Facility (MCDF) has modified operations as a precaution due to COVID-19.*** 

Click Here for the latest information about operational changes at MCSO. 


All inmate personal phone calls and video visitations are subject to recording and monitoring.

Inmate Visitation

The Mesa County Detention Facility offers virtual video visits with family members and friends to eligible inmates. 

Family members and friends can visit with their loved ones using a computer, smartphone, or internet-connected device. Inmate video visits may be scheduled through ICSolutions.

All visits for friends and family members are 20-minutes long and may take place seven days per week, based upon availability. Visitations must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

Inmates must be in the facility for 72 hours before they are eligible to have a visitation scheduled. Additionally, inmates who are on sanctions are not eligible for video visits.  Video visitation is available for most, but not all MCDF inmates.

Eligible inmates may receive one video visitation per inmate, per week for free. For additional visits, a fee may apply.



All inmate personal visitations are subject to recording and monitoring.


Professional Visitation

Professional visitors, such as attorneys, who have questions about visitation with their clients should contact the Jail Visitation office Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. excluding holidays. 

Inmate phone calls


Inmate PhoneInmates are not allowed to receive telephone calls while in the Detention Facility. Inmates may make either collect calls or calls from their ICS phone account. (Please keep in mind that some phone service providers automatically block you from receiving collect calls.)

To put money on an inmate’s phone account, call ICS at (888) 506-8407 or go to the ICS website at:  www.ICSolutions.com

A time limit of 20 minutes per telephone call is mandated to allow all inmates an opportunity to utilize the phone. After 20 minutes, the phone will automatically shut off. 

Emergency calls may be allowed after the emergency has been confirmed by a staff member.


Jail Information Line

(970) 244-3536 (recording)


Real call or a Scam?

  • A REAL phone call from an inmate will always identify the inmate who is calling you. You also have to set up an account with ICSolutions BEFORE you can receive a phone call.
  • A SCAM phone call will ask you for your credit card information over the phone and NOT identify the inmate who is attempting to call you. 
  • You may look up a person to see if they are in jail by clicking here. 


Media inquiries, please contact the PIO.