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What is PREA?

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) establishes a zero-tolerance standard against sexual assaults and rapes of incarcerated persons. It is Public Law 108-79, signed in September 2003 by President George W. Bush.

PREA sets standards that protect inmates and makes the prevention of sexual assault and sexual misconduct, in jail settings, a top priority. PREA also increases available data on sexual assault and sexual misconduct in Jails and Prisons.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office has a zero-tolerance standard for sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office supports the prosecution of persons who commit acts of sexual assault or sexual misconduct in the Mesa County Jail.

The Mesa County Jail has developed guidelines, policies, and procedures to reduce the risk of in-custody sexual assaults and sexual misconduct.

PREA Reporting

If you were the victim of a sexual assault while in custody, or if you know of an incident of sexual assault of a person while in our facility, we urge you to report the incident by:

  • PREA Report Line, (970) 242-6707.
  • Contacting the Sheriff’s Office via e-mail or phone.
  • Notifying an MCSO Deputy or any law enforcement officer. 


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