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Fire Restrictions Map

Going camping? Check for fire restrictions! View the interactive map!  

Is is OK to burn?

Under Stage 1 Fire Restrictions, no residential burning is allowed. Ag burns must have a Sheriff issued permit.

During Open Burn Season, check for the latest open burning restrictions here. 

When is Open Burn Season?

Get the latest Open Burning guidelines and permit information from Mesa County Public Health. 

Are you prepared for a Wildfire?

Learn more about what do Before, During, and After a Wildfire.

Do you know what to do in a Disaster?

Learn more about Emergency and Disaster Preparedness. 

NO Fire Restrictions in effect for unincorporated Mesa County.

View the Fire Restricions Map for fire information on Federal land and surrounding counties

Check Mesa County Public Health for any open burning restrictions 

Information on fire restrictions in Mesa County

In Mesa County, the authority to enact fire restrictions is delegated to the Sheriff by county ordinance. Fire restrictions can be enacted by the Sheriff during times of the year when conditions are extremely dry. It is CRITICAL that visitors and residents alike do everything possible to protect our lands, homes, and wildlife areas from the devastating effects of wildfire. There are different levels of restrictions depending on the severity of the wildfire conditions. When we enter fire restrictions, we will work with our stakeholders to communicate what types of activities (i.e. campfires, charcoal grills, fireworks, outdoor welding) are allowed and what activities are not allowed, according to the fire restriction level.

Information on fire restrictions throughout Colorado

Information regarding fire restrictions in counties throughout Colorado can be found at the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management’s Fire Bans and Danger page

Do I need a permit to burn? 

When the Sheriff enacts Fire Restrictions due to unsafe burning conditions, agricultural burning will ONLY be allowed through a permitting process at the Sheriff’s Office. The process includes an on-site safety visit BEFORE a permit is issued. Click here to download a permit application. 

If there are NO Fire Restrictions, Mesa County Public Health issues permits for open burning for both agricultural and residential during open burn season. Learn more about the process here

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Facts: