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The Crime Reduction Unit (CRU) was created in June of 2017. The CRU provides a proactive problem-solving unit to serve the citizens of our community. The team is designed to problem solve issues relating to citizens or residences in our community who have a higher need for government services. This unit excels with the partnerships they have made with many different organizations to include non-profit organizations.

Since its creation, the CRU has shown to be a tremendous asset to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and the citizens of our community. They have assisted many citizens and neighborhoods by providing long-term solutions to many complex problems.

Grand Valley Peace and Justice teams up with CRU deputies for a community clean up


The Mission

The mission of the CRU is to reduce crime and improve the quality of life by partnering with our citizens utilizing innovative, long-term, problem-oriented policing practices.

To learn more about the work CRU does for the community visit CRIMEWATCH.


To report suspicious activity, visit our online reporting system.