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Victim Services ImageWe hope you are never the victim of a crime or other tragedy.  But if you are, ask the responding deputy for a VAP.  Our on-call Victim Advocate Program volunteer will respond quickly to offer the much needed support in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

It is known that victims of crime and other trauma are greatly impacted by the early intervention that a Law Enforcement Advocate can offer.   While family and friends can be the long-term support system for a victim, they often do not have immediate access to community resources.  The VAP can provide guidance regarding the criminal justice process, housing when necessary for the safety of a victim, explanations for confusing law enforcement procedures, applications for medical or counseling expenses, and much more.  Their compassion and services can get a person on the road from victim to survivor.




Sign up for alerts on custody status changes and criminal case information at VINElink.com or by calling (888) 263-8463. 


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Tracy Baker
Victim Services Coordinator
Office Phone: (970)244-3275
Email: Tracy.Baker@mesacounty.us