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Mesa County voters approved Measure 1A, otherwise known as the Public Safety Sales Tax,  in November of 2017. The measure increased sales tax .37% throughout Mesa County effective January 1, 2018. The funds are divided  between 16 public safety agencies.  The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is allocated 67.29% of the .37% voter approved public safety sales tax.  The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is using the additional revenue to increase safety in the Detention Facility and reduce crime in Mesa County. To learn more about tax revenue in Mesa County click here. 


Visit the State of Colorado's website https://www.colorado.gov/marijuana

  • Pharmacies such as Walgreens will dispose of unwanted prescription drugs as well as Mesa County Hazardous Waste Facility, 3071 Hwy. 50, in Grand Junction.

We do receive found property and make every effort to return it to the owner. It is kept for 90 days. If you have lost something and wish to see if we may have it, send an email to  evidence@mesacounty.us with your contact information and a detailed description of the property you are looking for. Please allow at least 3 business days for processing.

  • Parks managed by the City of Grand Junction are closed from midnight to 5:00 a.m.
  • Parks managed by Mesa County are closed from dusk to dawn with the exception of Long Family Memorial Park, which is closed from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.
  • Parks manage by the City of Fruita are closed from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  • Parks managed by Palisade are closed from dusk to dawn.

Yes. Noise ordinances prohibit unnecessary, unusual, or unusually loud noises during designated hours. Law enforcement personnel are empowered to make a determination as to whether a particular noise constitutes a public nuisance. If you would like to make a report click here.

  • In Grand Junction, contact code enforcement at (970) 244-1583
  • In Fruita, contact the Fruita Police Department at (970) 858-3008
  • In Palisade, contact the Palisade Police Department at (970) 464-5601
  • In all other areas of Mesa County, contact Zoning Enforcement at (970) 244-1744

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office currently does not facilitate the creation of Neighborhood Watch groups. If you would like to learn more about starting a neighborhood watch yourself click here.

Have you looked at the free online social network called Nextdoor? It is like Facebook, but just for you and your neighbors. Many communities are using it as a digital neighborhood watch. It includes features like reporting suspicious activity to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.

The term "Sanctuary County” implies that the Mesa County Sheriff's Office does not share information with or allow Immigration Customs Enforcement or ICE to house arrestee’s in our facility. Both of these assertions are false.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office revised our policy in response to a 2014 federal court opinion out of Oregon. The case is Maria Miranda-Olivares v. Clackamas County (Case No. 3:12-cv-02317-ST) and involved an inmate being held on an ICE issued detainer beyond the time she should have been released from jail on the criminal charges she had been booked on. The court, in this case, ruled holding the inmate in custody was a violation of the inmate’s 4th Amendment Rights because the detainer was not signed by a judge.

This case prompted many Sheriffs around the country to change their procedures and hold ICE to the same constitutional standard that every other state and federal agency is required to meet. This change would necessitate ICE to have their detainers be reviewed and approved by a judge.

In Mesa County, we work very hard to ensure there is good communication between ICE and the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. Our policy requires notification to ICE when a person is booked into our jail if they were foreign-born and provides a system of notification prior to release from jail that enables ICE to conduct an investigation if they choose.

This policy does not establish Mesa County as a sanctuary at all but provides specific instruction on how the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office has and will continue to work with ICE. We have and would accept any arrestee brought with an order signed by a judge.

Criminal Justice

You can inquire in person at the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Records Office 8:00 am-4:00 pm Monday-Friday excluding holidays. You may call the Mesa County Court Clerk’s Office at (970) 257-3640 or visit their website for more information.

Contact the Mesa County Court Clerk’s Office at (970) 257-3640 or visit their website at http://www.mesacourt.org/ for more information.

Gun Laws

No. To learn more about the State of Colorado requirements for gun ownership, click here.

Yes, Colorado is an open carry state, here is a link to CBI for the Colorado gun laws.

To carry a concealed handgun, you need to possess a concealed handgun permit issued by a Colorado sheriff from the county in which you reside or own a business or from another state that has concealed carry reciprocity with Colorado. You can begin the concealed weapon process in Mesa County by clicking here.

You may transport a gun in your vehicle throughout the state without restriction.

In most circumstances, no person can fire a weapon or pellet gun within the city limits of Grand Junction, except by special permission from the Chief of Police. A weapon can be fired on private property in unincorporated Mesa County in any zone not designated a "no-shooting zone" as long as the projectiles do not leave the private property. See: No Shooting Zones in Mesa County

Click here to view the current No Shoot Zone, Mesa County map per BOCC Resolution 87-18. 

Fire Restrictions

Mesa County’s Interactive Fire Restrictions Map has the current fire restrictions for all of Mesa County, Federal public lands as well as surrounding counties. Visit the website on your mobile phone to see what the current restrictions are based on your GPS location. 

The Sheriff enacts fire restrictions due to high fire danger. Fire restrictions are implemented based on specific criteria to include the moisture content of vegetation, weather outlooks, human risk factors, and firefighting resource availability.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions prohibit:

  • Personal use of fireworks
  • Campfires outside of designated fire pits or fire rings
  • Residential open burning
  • Agricultural open burning without a Sheriff’s issued burn permit
  • Use of explosive targets
  • Smoking outside near combustible materials. Use of explosive targets

 Learn more at bit.ly/Fire_Restrictions


It depends where you live in Mesa County. Get the latest Open Burning guidelines and permit information from Mesa County Public Health. 


When the Sheriff enacts fire restrictions due to unsafe burning conditions, agricultural burning will ONLY be allowed through a permitting process at the Sheriff’s Office. The process includes an on-site safety visit BEFORE a permit is issued. Click here to download a permit application. 

If there are NO fire restrictions, Mesa County Public Health issues a permit for open burning for both agricultural and residential during open burn season. Learn more about the process here.

Agricultural Open Burning is allowed year-round through a permit issued by Mesa County Public Health. 

During Stage 1 Fire Restrictions, Agricultural burn permits are issued through the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office after an on-site safety inspection. Learn more here.

No. Burning trash is illegal in Mesa County. Burning in a barrel is PROHIBITED at all times. Learn more about the latest Open Burning guidelines and permit information from Mesa County Public Health. 

Mesa County Public Health may issue a ‘No burn Advisory’ during Open Burn season due to unsafe burning conditions. Learn more here.

It is your responsibility to know what the current fire restrictions are.

Causing a fire during fire restrictions can be a class 6 felony and can be punishable by fines up to $100,000 and/or imprisonment up to 18 months. Other possible charges include Fourth Degree Arson (M2) and Intentionally Setting a Wildfire (F3). You may also be held financially responsible for the damage caused.


Contact Mesa County Animal Control at (970) 242-4646 or visit their website for more information. You may also contact non-emergency dispatch at (970) 242-6707.

Mesa County Animal Control (970) 242-4646 handles all areas of Mesa County, including the city limits of Grand Junction. Often times talking to your neighbor and notifying them of your concerns goes a long way.

Animal Control (970) 242-4646 can help with most small animals. The Colorado Division of Wildlife and Colorado Department of Transportation [both dispatched through the Colorado State Patrol at (970) 249-4392] usually handle large animals and those on the interstate and highways.

The Tri-River extension service (970) 244-1834 maintains a list of people willing to remove bees. If they are closed and you cannot wait until they open, contact dispatch at (970) 242-6707.

Vehicles, Driving, and Traffic

If you would like to report a traffic issue within unincorporated Mesa County, you may use our online reporting system. If you would like to inquire about installing a stop sign please contact Mesa County at (970) 244-1675.

There is no grace period for an expired driver's license. There is a one month grace period for an expired license plate. For example, if your plate sticker expires January then you have until the last day of February before it expires. Learn more at https://www.dmv.org/co-colorado/

If your car was towed by the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, please contact: 

Administrative Coordinator
Bernice K. Stogsdil
Phone: (970) 244-3200

There are no standard size requirements for car seat fit. Even if your child looks big enough to move to the next size seat, be sure to follow all manufacturer recommendations on the car seat label. Car seats, booster seats, and seat belts are developed to protect children based on their sizes, not their ages. Learn more at https://www.codot.gov/safety/seatbelts-carseats/carseats.

Not sure about how to install your car seat? The Grand Junction Fire Department can teach you to correctly install your car seat, and adjust the fit for your child. 

Vehicles parked on the street that are not properly registered and/or appear inoperable may be considered abandoned. Abandoned vehicles on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.

  • In Grand Junction, contact the Grand Junction Police Department at (970) 242-6707
  • In Fruita, contact the Fruita Police Department at (970) 858-3008
  • In Palisade, contact the Palisade Police Department at (970) 464-5601
  • In all other areas of Mesa County, contact the Colorado State Patrol's Montrose Communication Center at (970) 249-4392
  • Western Metals Recycling (970) 242-9500 Cost is $10 cash only.


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Call (970) 244-3500 during regular business hours or send us an email. 

If you have an emergency, call 911.



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