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If this is an EMERGENCY, call 911! 

** This online reporting system is for Mesa County, Colorado ONLY. **

Welcome to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Online Reporting System. This online system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy for free. Please read all instructions before starting your report.

Ready to file your report online? ALL of the following MUST apply

  •  This is NOT an Emergency.
  •  This incident occurred within unincorporated Mesa County.
    (Not sure? view map) 
  •  You don't have any suspect information.
  •  No weapons were involved, or stolen.
  •  You have a current email address and check it regularly.

Steps to File an Online Report

  • Chose the type of report you wish to file from the list of categories below.
  • Fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible.
  • Include detailed information, such as a serial number and the value for the lost or stolen property
  • If you need to report more than one type of crime or multiple crimes, you will need to submit a separate report for each one.

Upon Completion of This Report

  • You will see the words: "Your online police report has been submitted" showing that your police report is complete.
  • You will be given a reference number until a case number is assigned.
  • You will be able to print a copy of the police report to keep for your records. 

Please Note

  • All cases filed using the Citizens Online Police Reporting System will be reviewed.
  • Upon review, if further investigation of your case is needed, you may be contacted.

Police Reports are a matter of public record. Reporting a false crime or lying on a report is a punishable crime. All violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Select the type of report you wish to file

Register serial number of a bicycle.     

Example: You would like to register your bike, for law enforcement to be able to identify if it lost or stolen.

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Your property has been damaged by an unknown person or persons.

Example: Someone threw a rock through a window in your home or vehicle and nothing was stolen (property damage only), your mailbox was knocked over, etc.

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Unauthorized charges have been made using your financial accounts, someone has used your personal identification information to obtain credit, goods or services or someone has signed your name without permission and you have no suspect information and your cards/information was not physical lost or stolen.

Example: An unknown person has made charges to or withdrawn money from your account(s) without your permission or knowledge, signed your name without permission or obtained credit, goods or services by unauthorized use of your personal information.

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If you know the person who commited the crime, or the business where your credit card was used is located in Mesa County, you will need to fill out a fraud packet and file your report with a deputy. Call (970) 242-6707 to start the report. Download the Fraud Packet here.

If an unknown person has dumped rubbish, waste material, refuse, garbage, trash, debris or other foreign substances onto your property you can report the littering here. (Note: The owner of the property is responsible for the removal of the material and any costs associated.)      

Example: An unknown person has dumped rubbish, waste material, refuse, garbage, trash, debris or other foreign substances onto your property.

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If you want to report property you lost such as a wallet, cellular telephone, or any other property of value you can report the lost property here.       

Example: Property that is missing, leaving items in restaurant, or missing from home. The license plate on my vehicle was lost.

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Professionals required by law to mandatory report non-emergency instances of suspected abuse and/or neglect. Any immediate safety risk or emergency, please call 911.    

Example: You work with an at-risk adult who arrived at your facility wearing dirty clothes that smell of urine. They appear to be neglected while at home.

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Unknown person(s) causing unreasonable and continued noise which interferes with the enjoyment or comfort, of your surrounding environs.     

Example: Continual loud music, or excessive noise.

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Unknown persons have contacted you online or via phone with the intent to trick you into providing them money and/or personal identifying information. If you have not provided information or money please complete a Suspicious Activity Report.

Example: Someone has contacted you via phone and tricked you into sending them money for a benefit you have not received.

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Heavy vehicle or foot traffic continuously or at odd hours, unknown person(s) behaving suspiciously, or scams in which no goods, services, money or personal information has been exchanged.       

Example: Possible drug activity people coming in and out of a residence at all hours. Information on suspects of a theft.

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Unknown person or persons caused an inconvenience or annoyance by tampering with another's personal property.

Example: Defacement of public or private property, having eggs, shaving cream or toilet paper thrown at house or property, graffiti. No permanent damage to any property. etc.

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When property is taken without your permission. This does not include someone physically taking something from you, or your vehicle.         

Example: Someone stole my bike, someone stole my license plate, someone stole my wallet, etc.

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You have observed traffic problems in a specific area and you would like the police to know about it so they can enforce the traffic laws in that area when available.       

Example: People are speeding on the residential streets in your neighborhood or ignoring a stop sign creating a hazard for other motorists.

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Request to provide a patrol car drive by your property on specific dates if available. Please submit your request at least 2 weeks prior to your departure. 

Example: You are leaving on vacation and you have concerns of possible burglaries, thefts, vandalism, etc.

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Contact us

If the crime you wish to report is not listed, or if you have any questions, please contact the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 242-6707.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our online reporting system. We hope this answers any questions you may have. If this page doesn’t answer your question, call us at (970) 242-6707 or send us a suggestion.

Here are a few examples as to how to enter an address into the online reporting system. If  the address is located on a highway, you should list the name of the highway under the St. Name and leave the St Type field blank.


St Dir

St Name

St Type





123 1/2






Highway 50


If you need to report your license plate lost or stolen, please file the report under Theft. Please also include a copy of your most recent car registration form as well. You may attach it to the report by clicking "Attach/Detach Documents and Photographs" when prompted. 

If your incident is an emergency, call 911. If it’s not an emergency call (970) 242-6707 to file a report

No, you must file the report where the crime occurred. If a crime took place in the city of Grand Junction click here. If you don’t know where the crime occurred and wish to file a report call (970) 242-6707.

Unfortunately no. There is no save feature available for this online reporting system. You must have all of your information gathered when you submit a report. You are allowed to start the process and not complete it if you don’t have all of the information, go get your information and then start the report again. If the report asks you questions you don’t know the answer to, it is OK to leave it blank or write an explanation in the narrative section of the online report.

If your incident is an emergency, call 911. If it’s not an emergency call (970) 242-6707 to file a report with a deputy. You will not be able to use this online reporting system.

If you are having trouble starting the report, or can’t see the report page once you click “Start Report,” check your pop-up blocking settings. Set it to allow pop-ups on this page.  Still having issues? Call (970) 242-6707.