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Theft from Automobile  
  1. Park vehicle(s) in a garage if possible; if not possible:
    1. park the vehicle(s) in a well lit area, or
    2. park in an area covered by a motion detector floodlight
  2. Lock vehicle(s) completely and roll up all windows
  3. Remove stereo face plate, if so equipped; if the stereo is an after market purchase, be sure to record the:
    1. brand name,
    2. model number, and
    3. serial number of the unit.
    4. Keep a picture of the unit from the box, it will have the model number on it.
  4. If so equipped, Activate the Auto Alarm!
  5. Don't leave an extra set of keys in the vehicle
  6. Don't leave the vehicle title in the vehicle
  7. Don't leave a purse or wallet in the vehicle, especially in plain sight
  8. Don't leave CD's, DVD's, or other types of media in the vehicle; use a CD wallet or other type of carrier, take it inside with you or place in the trunk and lock the trunk
  9. Don't leave credit cards, cash, checks, or other forms of currency in the vehicle when rafting, hicking, skiing, at biking trail heads or boat ramps
  10. Don't leave a vehicle unattended and unlocked in the morning or anytime while warming it up or defrosting the windows
  11. Hide valuables and packages from plain sight by placing them in the trunk and locking the trunk
  12. Large bass speakers placed in the back seat of vehicles are an inviting target for theft from vehicles
  13. Repair broken windows and door locks
  14. Have neighbors watch your place if you plan to be away

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