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Telephone Calls  
  • Inmates are not allowed to receive telephone calls while in the Detention Facility. They are able to make legal calls to local attorneys or bondsmen free of charge. All personal calls made by inmates are collect unless it is a local call made from a phone in the booking area. A collect call will be charged/billed to the phone number called. Some telephone numbers are "blocked", which means that no collect calls will be accepted at that number.
  • A time limit of 20 minutes per telephone call is mandated to allow all inmates an opportunity to utilize the phone. After 20 minutes, the phone will automatically shut off. The phones are turned on and off at the pod officer's discretion for security reasons. The phones will be shut off during meals, head count and cleanup detail.
  • Legitimate emergency calls may be allowed, after the emergency has been confirmed by a staff member.


The inmate phone call system is changing from Securus to IC Solutions. You can learn more about IC Solutions here or by calling 1-888-506-8407 

 How to tell the difference between a real call from an inmate at the Mesa County Detention Facility and a SCAM

  •  A REAL call from an inmate will always identify the inmate calling BEFORE asking for credit card information. 
  • A SCAM will NEVER identify the inmate trying to reach you.

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