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Chaplain Services 

In an effort to curb recidivism, the Detention Facility uses various volunteers from a wide variety of local churches to provide religious opportunities in our jail facility. The Detention Facility recognizes the need for Spiritual guidance and direction within the Jail.  A variety of Religious programs and services are offered all headed up by a full time Chaplain, Chaplain Douglas Winter.  The Chaplain recruits, trains and works with a large group of volunteers to provide for the spiritual needs of all the inmates.  The Chaplain provides for various faiths including Christian, Jewish, Messianic Judaism, Muslim, Pagan and all other faith groups. 

The Volunteers and Chaplain offer the following services to all inmates:

  • Bible Studies
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Bibles and other religious materials
  • Death notifications
  • Crisis management
  • A religious library, and non-religious books for inmate housing bookshelves.

The Chaplain also provides support services for all Sheriff’s Office Deputies and staff.

You can reach Chaplain Doug Winter at (970) 244-3351 office or (970) 712-2568 cell.

Chaplain Winter is supported by the Mesa County Jail Ministry, a 501c3 non-Profit organization. For more information click here.


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