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  • On August 5th, 2007, the work release program was incorporated into the Alternative Sentencing Unit of the Mesa County Detention Facility. What was once managed by the Criminal Justice Services Department is now under the management of the Jail Operations Commander. The mission of work release program is to provide a safe and humane facility in which incarcerated sentenced offenders can complete their court ordered sentence in a less restrictive environment while allowing them the opportunity to maintain employment. Offenders sentenced to work release are encouraged to take financial and personal responsibility for the costs associated with their sentencing including court ordered classes, fines, medical expenses and the cost of room and board.

    Program Overview
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  •  Counseling

    All inmates will be given an opportunity to attend counseling and/or self-help classes at their own expense.


    All money turned into the program by inmates is deposited in a non-interest bearing account at a local bank in accordance with Colorado Statute CRS 18-1.3-106. Inmates will be issued a receipt for all money turned in.

     House Duties

    Each inmate is responsible for completing house duties as directed by staff. These duties are to be completed every day. Failure to complete house duties may result in loss of pass time and/or disciplinary action.


    Menus are prepared in advance by the Food Services Manager, approved by a registered dietician in compliance with standards set by the American Correctional Association.


    Inmates may earn passes into the community based on their compliance with supervision plan objectives. Passes are a privilege that must be earned and may be taken away for failing to follow ASU rules and policies or at staff discretion.

     Personal Property

    Inmates are responsible for their own personal property. ASU staff will determine if items are appropriate for use and meets requirements.


    All inmates are subject to a drug screening upon arrival into the program. Random drug screening will be completed on all inmates throughout their stay.


    Inmates will remain at the ASU facility at all times unless their absence from the facility is authorized by staff. All inmates must check in and out of the facility and must return from all authorized activities and assignments within the prescribed time period.

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