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The Mesa County Sheriff's Office launched their Traffic Safety Unit in May 2009. The Traffic Safety Unit consists of one Sergeant and two deputies. The Traffic Safety Unit was developed as a result of continued citizen surveys supporting a dedicated traffic unit to address on-going complaints from citizens regarding violations such as speeding, running stop signs, etc. Current focus is on traffic safety, education, speed enforcement, DUI enforcement, and much more.

The Sheriff's Office was awarded LEAF grant money for 2009, from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), but the state has since suspended those grant funds statewide. Now, through a mandated state statute the Traffic Safety Unit gets High Visibility Enforcement Fund money. Those funds are used for overtime to do DUI saturation patrols and DUI Checkpoints done multiple times throughout the year.

DUI arrests totaled 212 in 2009, with 168 DUI arrests through the third quarter of 2009. In comparison with 2010, there have been 100 DUI arrests through the third quarter of the year. Deputies continue to participate in DUI checkpoints throughout the year with Colorado State Patrol and the Grand Junction Police Department.

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