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2005 Press Releases  

January 2005

Title Date
Body Found on the Colorado National Monument 01/03/2005
Debeque Search - Public Safety Reminder 01/03/2005
Debeque Search Update 01/03/2005
Body Found - Final Media Update 01/04/2005
Body Found - Positive Identification Made 01/04/2005
Body Found on the Colorado National Monument - Update 01/04/2005
Daniel Walker Search Update 01/11/2005
Daniel Walker Search Update - 2 Female Skiers Located 01/11/2005
Daniel Walker Search - Operational Plan Update 01/12/2005
Daniel Walker Search Update 01/12/2005
Daniel Walker Search - Summary of Today's Search Efforts 01/13/2005
Daniel Walker Search Update - 10:00 A.M. 01/13/2005
Daniel Walker Search - Recovery Mission Begins Wednesday 01/18/2005
Daniel Walker Search - Recovery Mission Started 01/19/2005
Daniel Walker Search - Recovery Mission Suspended 01/19/2005
Gun Safety - Public Safety Announcement 01/25/2005
Information Sought in Criminal Activity 01/26/2005
Weapons Found in Vehicle at Central High School 01/27/2005

February 2005

Title Date
Parental Abduction at Loma Elementary School 02/10/2005
Parental Abduction at Loma Elementary Update 02/11/2005
Sheriff's Posse Awards Local Youth 02/14/2005
Drug Activity Results in Arrest 02/17/2005
Armed and Dangerous Fugitive Apprehended 02/22/2005
Activated SARC Mission in the Jumbo Lake Area 02/22/2005

March 2005

Title Date
SARC Team Locates 2 Lost Hikers 03/02/2005
SARC Training - Simulated Plane Crash 03/03/2005
Menacing Incident 03/13/2005
SARC Ground Team New Member Search 03/15/2005
Central High School Theft from Auto and Vandalism 03/18/2005
Sexual Harassment Case 03/23/2005

April 2005

Title Date
Woman Arrested for Embezzling over $142,000 04/07/2005
Mesa County Search and Rescue Looking for Water Rescue Team Members 04/08/2005
Shooting Incident Leads to Arrest 04/08/2005
Lost Hiker Found by SARC 04/11/2005
Special Olympics Fundraiser 04/15/2005
Missing Juvenile Found 04/19/2005
Missing Juvenile Reported 04/19/2005
Vandalism Strikes over Weekend 04/26/2005
Rally for the Valley Fundraiser 04/28/2005

May 2005

Title Date
Additional Info on Domestic Violence Shooting 05/03/2005
Citizens on Patrol Graduate from Academy 05/03/2005
Domestic Violence Shooting 05/03/2005
Rapist Arrested 05/03/2005
Update on Domestic Violence Shooting 05/03/2005
Woodward Arrested in Domestic Violence Shooting 05/05/2005
Rally this Weekend! 05/06/2005
Teamwork and Collaboration 05/12/2005
National Peace Officer Week 05/16/2005
Missing Hiker Found by SARC 05/18/2005
Thefts from Auto Prevention 05/19/2005
Potholes Accident Results in Drowning 05/21/2005
Remote Area Deputies and SARC Locate Lost Mother and Child 05/24/2005
Missing Woman 05/30/2005
Update on Search for Missing Woman 05/31/2005
Woman Found by SARC 05/31/2005

June 2005

Title Date
Positive ID on Daniel Walker 06/01/2005
Daniel Walker Found 06/01/2005
Sheriff's Office Warns Sellers of Scam 06/08/2005
National Monument Vehicle Fatality 06/14/2005
Country Jam 2005 06/22/2005
US Bank Robbery 06/22/2005
Results from Country Jam 2005 06/27/2005

July 2005

Title Date
Local Man Arrested in Stalking Case 07/07/2005
Fire Ban 07/19/2005
Fire Ban Ordinance for Mesa County 07/19/2005
DRE Graduation Announcement 07/20/2005
I-70 Sex Assault Case 07/21/2005
Convicted Sex Offender Arrested on New Charges 07/22/2005
DUI Checkpoint Scheduled 07/22/2005
I-70 Sex Assault Case Update 07/22/2005
Citizen's Police Academy Starts Soon! 07/26/2005
Body Found on Colorado River 07/29/2005

August 2005

Title Date
Mesa County Fairgrounds Incident Investigation 08/02/2005
SARC Ground Team Search for New Members 08/09/2005
Deputies Respond to Robbery 08/11/2005
Fire Ban Rescinded 08/15/2005
Update on Blow Out Fire 08/31/2005
Blow Out Fire Consumes Acreage 08/31/2005

September 2005

Title Date
SARC Locates Missing GJ Man 09/02/2005
DUI Checkpoint Scheduled 09/02/2005

October 2005

Title Date
SWAT Apprehends Barricaded Suspect 10/13/2005
National Family Violence Apprehension 10/13/2005
Local Massage Therapist Arrested 10/20/2005
Auto Theft PSA 10/24/2005
Fatal Shooting Investigation 10/25/2005
Shooting Victim Identity Released 10/26/2005
Million Dollar Warrant Issued 10/26/2005
Halloween Safety Tips 10/28/2005
Shooting Suspect's Father Arrested 10/28/2005
Murder Suspect Arrested! 10/31/2005
Homicide Investigation Leads to Additional Arrests 10/31/2005

November 2005

Title Date
SARC Missions Increase with Hunting Season 11/01/2005
Body Found Near Beavertail Tunnels 11/02/2005
Drive By Shooting 11/07/2005
Composite Released for Suspect 11/08/2005
Attempted Murder Investigation Update 11/25/2005
2nd Update on Attempted Murder Investigation 11/27/2005

December 2005

Title Date
Furniture Store Robbery 12/01/2005
Shooting Suspects Fire Upon Deputies 12/01/2005
New Info Released in Shooting 12/02/2005
Horizon Drive Closure 12/05/2005
Robbery Suspect Composite 12/05/2005
Body Found at Landfill Update 12/23/2005
Three Charged in Church Burglaries 12/29/2005

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