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Sex Offenders
Sex Offenders  

Most sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows. A stranger does not pose the highest risk to you, as 80-95% of sex offenders are known to their victims and include relatives, friends and authority figures.

Less that 16% of sex crimes are reported to the police. Most convicted sex offenders are supervised and managed by community supervision teams consisting of criminal justice officers (probation, parole, community corrections staff), polygraph examiners, and treatment providers. While sex offenders cannot be cured, it is believed that some can be managed.

C.R.S. 16-22-112(1) prohibits sex offender registry information to be used to inflict retribution or additional punishment upon the registrant.

The state sex offender registry includes only those persons who have been convicted of certain acts of unlawful sexual behavior since July 1, 1991, and who are in compliance with the sex offender registry as a safeguard against perpetrators of sexual assault on their communities. The crime for which a person is convicted may not accurately reflect the level of risk.

Sexual Offender Tracking And Registration

Offenders who are not in compliance may be listed on the Colorado Bureau of Investigations website.

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