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Mt. Sneffels

Outdoor recreational opportunities are abundant in Mesa County. With 3,300 square miles of terrain, offering mountains, deserts, lakes, streams and rivers, there is a wide variety of recreation activities. Anyone planning a backcounty adventure should be prepared for sudden changes in weather and unexpected emergencies. You should never enter the back country without leaving travel information, destination, and return times with a responsible person.

You should always have enough supplies for an unexpected overnight stay.

You are encouraged to have and carry the ten essentials:

  • Extra clothing
  • Extra water
  • Emergency food
  • Matches and firestarter
  • A whistle for signaling
  • Compass and map
  • Emergency shelter
  • First aid kit
  • Pocket knife
  • Flashlight
 ATV Photo

You should also consider purchasing a CORSAR card.

The most important thing to have is a COMPANION. A companion supplements your ability to survive a backcountry emergency.

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