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Court Ordered Inmate Transports  

Per statute, the Sheriff is responsible to secure all prisoners and transport these prisoners whereever the Court orders. On a daily basis our Court Services Deputies may be responsible for securing and transporting nearly 100 prisoners from the Jail to the Court, or to required appointments with other professionals, such as medical or mental health staff.

In addition to local prisoner security and transportation, Court Services Deputies also transport sentenced inmates to Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC) facilities statewide. With over 30 DOC facilities located from Limon to Cañon City to Denver, our deputies have a challenging assignment securing convicted prisoners.

The Sheriff's Office is also responsible for extraditing (bringing back to Mesa County District Court and jail) felons who have fled the jurisdiction. A felon that is arrested by another law enforcement agency in Mesa County, who becomes a fugitive (flees the jurisdiction), must be returned to the Sheriff's Office - NOT the agency which performed the original arrest. This vital function, necessary for prosecution of justice, is often taken for granted.

The Mesa County transport deputies use vans and commercial airplanes to retrieve fugitives apprehended anywhere in America. Every effort is made to make these trips as cost effective as possible. It is not unusual for the Transportation Unit to travel over 175,000 miles in a year (approximately 7 times around the Earth at the equator!).

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