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Victim Assistance Program
Victim Assistance 
  • The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Victim Assistance Program has been established to serve all victims regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, gender, financial, or community standing. The program assists victims, witnesses, their families and friends following a traumatic incident or crime. Trained staff and volunteers provide crisis intervention, referrals, follow-up, and explanations of the legal procedures involved.

    The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office believes in and is committed to protecting the rights of victims. The agency’s goal is to assure no victim remains alone or uninformed immediately following the crime or traumatic incident.

  •  Request for Compliance

    Colorado law provides that affected persons may enforce compliance with the provisions of the Constitutional Amendment by notifying the Governor’s Victim’s Compensation and Assistance Coordinating Committee.  You must first attempt to seek compliance at the local level.  This may include but not be limited to:

    • Contacting the person you feel has not provided you with your rights, explaining specifically what has not been done.
    • Contacting the Elected Official or Head of the Agency you feel is not providing your rights and seeking their assistance in receiving your rights.  Contact may be verbal or in writing.  Accurate records of your efforts to seek compliance at the local level will be helpful to you and to the committee, should a formal request be filed.
    • Seeking assistance from Victim Advocates with whom you have been in contact, or other supportive persons such as your therapist

    If all local efforts to obtain your rights have failed, you may request assistance by contacting:

    State of Colorado, Department of Public Safety
    Division of Criminal Justice
    Office for Victim’s Programs
    700 Kipling Street, Suite 1000
    Denver, CO 80215
    FAX 303-239-4491 / Phone 303-239-4442
    Toll-Free 1-888-282-1080 

     Type of Crimes

    The Constitution of the State of Colorado and the laws of this State guarantee rights to the victims of the following crimes.  If the victim is deceased or incapacitated, these rights are guaranteed to the victim’s spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, significant other, or other lawful representative.

    · Murder or Manslaughter
    · Criminally negligent homicide
    · Vehicular assault or vehicular homicide
    · Assault
    · Menacing
    · Kidnapping
    · Sexual assault on an adult or child
    · Unlawful sexual contact
    · Sexual assault on a client by a psychotherapist
    · Invasion of privacy for sexual gratification
    · Robbery
    · Burglary in the first degree
    · Incest
    · Child abuse
    · Crimes against at-risk adults or at-risk juveniles
    · Any crime of domestic violence
    · Stalking
    · A bias-motivated crime
    · Careless driving that results in the death of another person
    · Failure to stop at the scene of an accident where the accident results in the death of another person
    · Retaliation, Tampering, Intimidation of a witness, victim, judge, or juror
    · Indecent exposure
    · Human Trafficking
    · Coercion of Involuntary Servitude
    · Sexual exploitation of children
    · Child Prostitution
    · Soliciting for Child Prostitution
    · Procurement of a Child for Sexual Exploitation
    · Pimping of a Child
    · Inducement of Child Prostitution
    · Patronizing a Prostituted Child
    · Violation of a protection order against a person charged with committing sexual assault, sexual assault on a child, sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, or sexual assault on a client by a psychotherapist
    · Any criminal attempt, any conspiracy, any criminal solicitation, and any accessory to a crime, involving any of the crimes specified

     Victim Notification

    Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) 

    You may register to be notified  when someone is released, transferred, or escaped from custody, you will be notified through the VINE automated telephone service.  

    Register by calling 1-888-263-8463 or at the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) website. 

     Victim Rights

    If you are the victim of any of the listed crimes, you have the right to:

    BE INFORMED of emergency services, compensation, community assistance, services and procedures available to provide protection from harassment, intimidation, and retaliation.

    BE ASSISTED by law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system.

    BE INFORMED of important matters relating to your case.

    BE HEARD in all matters relating to your well being.


     Victim Services

    We assist victims, witnesses, their families and friends following a crime or incident by providing:

    • Crisis intervention
    • Referrals to community support agencies (i.e. legal, medical, mental, health, child welfare)
    • Assistance with application for victim compensation benefits
    • Information concerning the status of an investigation
    • Follow-up contact with victims
    • Emergency financial assistance
    • Provide information on protective services from the accused
    • Speedy return of property after the case is settled and is no longer needed for evidence
    • Information about any other rights pursuant to the Constitution of the State of Colorado

    Law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office will attempt to keep you informed.  Please make sure law officers investigating your case and the District Attorney’s Office know how you can be reached.

    Contact Victim Assistance at (970) 244-3275

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